Sebastiaan Langius (guitarist/songwriter)

Sebastiaan langius (Rotterdam, 14 September 1987) is a Dutch guitarist and songwriter. A part of his life he grew up on a the skipper boarding in Rotterdam. Because his parents were always traveling for their work. When Sebastiaan reached the age of 9 his parents allowed him to attend music lessons. He could choose whatever he wanted to play and decided to play the guitar. He studied music at the Dalweg in Rotterdam. Few years later he moved to Spijkenisse because his parents were getting a divorce. Here he got a new music teacher who gave private classical music lessons at home. After a few years he had learned everything that his teacher could learn him, so Sebastiaan decided to quit. He was lost in music where he couldn't identify himself with. That's why he decided to stop playing the guitar. But one day he heard a guitar sound which he hadn't heard before. It was the guitarist John Frusciante. Inspired by John's guitar pieces Sebastiaan decided to start playing again. He took lessons from a new music teacher in Rotterdam. After several years he decided it was time to go his own way in the music.




Guitar gear :



Sigma DMC-15E (main guitar)

Gibson USA: Les Paul Traditional 2012 - Light Burst

Epiphone sg 400, 2x Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker

Fender Squier SA - 105CE

Stagg stratocaster - Sunburst

Spanish acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar - brand name not known

Electric Guitar - brand name not known



Pitchblack chromatic tuner - Korg

Bigg muff pi - Electro harmonix

Turbo distortion DS-2 - Boss

Digital Delay DD-7 - Boss

Ibanez WH10

Crossroads Eric Clapton - Digitech

Super Fuzz SF300 - Behringer


Power supply:

Harley Benton PowerPlant


Amps and Cabinets:

Marshall - MG 100 HDFX series

Marshall - Model MG412A 120W RMS 8ohms