Jason Bluehill (singer/songwriter)

Jason Bluehill (Barendrecht, 17 april 1982) singer/songwriter grew up in Rotterdam. Jason started singing at age 17, Jason got inspired after hearing one of his friends sing on his stairs one day. Jason asked his friend if he could teach him how to sing. His friend agreed to teach him and they teamed up for a while. Jason practised a lot in his room where he sang along with radio songs playing on the radio at the time. After a while Jason and his friend went both their own way and started looking for their own sound. Jason also picked up the guitar and practised along with his singing for years. After years of practising he decided it was time to go out his room and show the world what he got, and pursue a music career. He joined several bands through the years with all different genres  (pop, rock, blues, soul). But in all those bands he couldn't express himself, he wanted to write his own music and not just play covers. When Jason joined Tripomania he felt something he hadn't felt before the freedom and the space to play and sing whatever he wanted, and express himself with his own music.