Radio 010FM, Glazenhuis Hoogvliet

Every year around Christmas, people like to support charities. And one of those beautiful charities is the "Glazenhuis" (the most famous one is that of radio 3FM). Radio station 010FM also had its own "Glazenhuis" (glasshouse) to support the people who dont have much to spend. They raised money for the foundation 'Ankh Inloophuis Hoogvliet' and 'de Voedselbank Hoogvliet'. A lot of famous artist came to sing in the "Glazenhuis" and also Tripomania was more than happy to help when they got the invitation. They went for an acoustic setting with Jason Bluehill for the vocals and Sebastiaan Langius on the guitar. 'het Glazenhuis' raised a beautiful amount of €16638 this year.