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Sebastiaan Langius, best known as the guitarist of Tripomania, made a musical journey to Camagüey, Cuba. Read his story…

A musical journey to Camagüey, Cuba.

Camagüey is a city in central Cuba and is after Santiago and Havana the third biggest city of Cuba with 294.000 residents. Furthermore it is the capital city of the county Camagüey….But maybe it is better to start from the beginning….

Church in Cuba

The journey all began when Sebastiaan met ‘Mc Baconao’ on a party. Mc Baconao is an artist and was making a tour in the Netherlands. During this party we were jamming in the garden. It was a hot summer evening and I was playing on my guitar and Mc. Bacona was rapping, together with some other musical companions.
There arose a mixture of English, Spanish and Dutch accompanied by the guitar and drumbeats  of the chairs and tables. On the end of the party I got an invitation from Mc. Baconao to come to Cuba and make music with him.

Aircraft over Netherlands

Despite of the fact I had never been in Cuba before and that my Spanish wasn’t exactly fluent, it didn’t hold me back to go to Cuba. A few months later I had bought a ticket and took my guitar on my back, ready to leave to Cuba on my own.
I left by plane from Brussel and my dad who was so sweet to drive me that very early morning to Brussel, waved me goodbye. It was a long flight and it was not very convenient for tall people like me to sit so long in an airplane chair, but I knew I had luck on my site, because for a start: I had the seat next to the window and the chair next to me was empty, so I was able to stretch my legs. It couldn’t be better. The most beautiful part of the journey was when we were really at height. It was, far above the clouds with the sunlight in our back, a mighty spectacle of clouds patterns.
We were so high above the sky that the sky lost his colours on the upper side. During the journey I amused myself with beautiful music  and movies that appeared  in front of my chair, at the back of the chair in front of me. After a lot of hours flying, the plane land in Cuba on the ‘Juan G.Gómez Airport’, a few kilometres of the city Camagüen.  To be quite honest, a few kilometers is an understatement, because at such a moment you realise how small the Netherlands really is.
I continued my journey by car, although there were a lot of tourist hotspots around the airport. This was not the case more onshore and the further I got there, the asphalt got more worse and worse. In vain I tried to get catch some sleep, but after I bumped my head a couple of times quite hard on the roof of the car I knew that sleeping was not going to happen. During the road trip we made a couple of stops by tourist hotspots, but this is irrelevant for my story, so I won’t dilate the story with that, because this story is about music.
Before I arrived at my room Mc. Baconao introduced me that evening to Benny Migoya Hernandez, the lead singer of the Cuban death metal band Konflikt. The cooperation consisted of the rapper Mc. Baconao and the band Konflikt and of course me, the guitarist of Tripomania.


Benny spoke quite good English and Mc. Baconao even a bit Dutch. They were my contact persons and interpreters during this journey.

That night I slept at Mc. Bacanoa’s house in the city Camagüey. I was exhausted of the journey and went to bed early that evening.

The next morning I met a lot of Mc. Baconao’s friends and later on also the rest of the band members of the band Konflikt. The idea was to make a song together and to bring with this song the people of Cuba and the Netherlands closer together. Even thought you probably don’t realise it…but there are really a lot of Cuban people living in the Netherlands.

During and even before this meeting I had this idea to use the song ‘Future man’ for this project. A song that I wrote a little while ago. The song is about a person that has a lot of power and he is trying to control all the people above human standards. In the end the people revolt against his regime.

I had no idea what they would think about the song, so I started to play this and sing this song on my guitar to let them hear it. When I was finished with my song, they were really enthusiastic about it, even though they didn’t exactly knew where the song was about because it was not in Spanish. In one way or another they just understood were the song was about and they really wanted to participate in this song. The days thereafter we worked together on the song as driven musicians with only one goal. We divided the vocals in English lines and Spanish ones, so it was accessible for a more wider audience. Mc. Bacanoa did the Spanish part and they wanted me to do the English part. This was a new experience for me, because I usually do only the second voice in my band Tripomania. I am normally not in front. What was also new was that I now did ‘Spoken word’ and that was something I never did before.

One of the most fun moments of the cooperation was that I got the chance to work with one of the best drummers in Cuba: Asniel Perez Santos (the drummer of Konflikt). We really understood each other without speaking the same language, except of course the language of music. It turned out that it doesn’t matter from which country you are or which language you speak, music is a feeling that everybody feels and connects everybody. We occurred the drums with our voices, that normally nobody would understand, but in our heads it sounded amazing and we knew of each other what the other meant by ‘boem boem the’.
I really consider Asniel Perez Santos as one of my best musical friends that walks on this earth.

Asniel.Perez.Santos (Asniel Perez Santos)

Benny could not only sing very well, but he also played the bassguitar and I really wanted to hear that back on the record of the song. During the records we came with the idea to do a part of the refrain in English with behind the translation vocals in Spanish. Benny did the Spanish vocals, which I personally think sounds great. But besides his unbelievable talent, Benny is a real nice and cool guy to hang out with.

Benny.Migoya.Hernandez (Benny Migoya Hernandez)

The song was recorded completely in three days, but this was only possible because everybody who worked on the song had great musical talent. You have to imagine that none of us played music with each other before or had listened to each other’s music. Unfortunately there wasn't time to pay any attention to this fact, because we also had to shoot a video clip and I should only stay in Cuba for two weeks. That same day we started with organizing the video clip, I also had to figure out some other stuff. It turned out that they gave me a wrong visa….with this visa it was not possible to stay at Mc. Baconoa's place, so I had to move to a hotel. Cuba is a communist country and the government was afraid that Mc. Baconoa earned some money by giving me shelter.

  (Reynaldo Perez Labrada)

Soon we met a great director and camera man ‘Reynaldo Perez Labrada’, who already shot movies of a great number of artists. During the conversation that we had, we exchanged ideas and concepts about how the video clip should look like. One of the things that worried us, was the materials we needed for the clip. Cuba is a poor country and parts for the video clip were quite scarce. What made it more difficult to fund materials was that the carnival was coming up. We needed good lights for our video clip, but due to the carnival the best materials were in use.  The least problem was the locations. Cuba is a very nice country with a lot of old buildings and beautiful surroundings, but even though this was not scarce, it was still difficult to find a good location. In the end we found a awesome location on the roof of a mansion. From that roof you could see the whole city.
In first instance everything was arranged, but when we wanted to shoot the video the police showed up and prohibited it. There was a problem, but they didn’t really explained why we couldn’t shoot the video on the top of the building. So we had to find another location…
How longer I was in Cuba, the more the song was living his own life under the stakeholders. I wrote the song for general use and it was applicable on many situations during my stay in Cuba. In the end we decided to shoot most of the video clip in the annexe of Mc. Baconao’s house. I think the actual building of the annexe stopped a while ago, because you could really see the decay of it, but it made the annexe a great location to shoot the video clip. It really fitted the sphere of the song.

We had two days to record everything on tape for the video clip. We needed a lot of shots for the video, because these shots would follow each other very fast in the clip. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there when they did the final composing for the video clip. For me it was time to depart again to the Netherlands.
The flight home went smooth and I was accompanied by Mc. Baconao and another artist that I had met in Cuba when we shot the video clip. We travelled together to Brussel. Once we were there we shaked hands together and thanked each other for the amazing experience that we had made.

A few months later they send me the video and I see it as a beautiful memory of a close friendship that originated.

Mc.Baconao (Mc.Baconao)

Herewith I want to thank Mc. Baconao, a great artist and friend. I hope we will also hear a lot of his music in the future. Besides Mc. Baconao I want to thank the amazing people of the death metal band Konflikt. In particular Benny Migoya Hernandez and Asniel Perez Santos. For the great craftsmanship: Reynaldo Perez Labrada, camera man and director and all the other people who helped with this project.
I thank you all.

Sebastiaan Langius.